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moo i sayThis article is small, not far away. Well. It might also be far away. But it's definitely small. You can help out by expanding it! An upcoming GURPS campaign being run by Jaxeth. The setting is a magic-heavy medieval fantasy world.

The world is still reeling from its first world war, which forged the alliance of kingdoms now known as the Protectorate to face off a horde of otherworldly invaders. Now the dust has settled, and people are beginning to pick up the pieces, but old rivalries are coming back to the surface, and life has never looked so fragile.

The Characters

Rin Avřin Avvar, avian. A former outlaw turned peacekeeper, her life rededicated to Truth.

Rindis Thaer, molecat. A student of enchanting, thought to be one of the most promising young wizards of her generation.

Taika, fox. A talented burglar with a flair for the dramatic, and the raw, untamed magic of the moon as her ally.