Inventions Expanded Code of Conduct

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For all of us, Minecraft is a way to relax, unwind, and express some creativity. So that nobody feels threatened, please follow these rules while on the server.

Unless someone has given you explicit prior verbal consent, do not:

  • Enter another player's house.
  • Change in any way (e.g., breaking, placing blocks, chiselling...) something another player has built. This includes structures, machinery, farmland, and any placeable blocks.
  • Place fluid blocks in such a way that they flow on to and/or cause damage to another player's property.
  • Follow another player around.
  • Idle in another player's land.
  • Tunnel underneath another player's land.
  • Use another player's equipment.
  • Take another player's resources.
  • Verbally abuse or harass another player.
An example of an access rights sign
If a player has left a sign next to something, the policy laid out on the sign (be it permissive or restrictive) overrules the above rules. For example, a sign may mark machinery for public use, or may mark out a previously public area as private for the duration of a construction project.

Finally, if another player asks you to stop doing something, please respect their wishes.


If any of these rules are broken, the offender will be punished. These punishments range from a verbal warning to an indefinite ban from the server.

For a first offence, a formal warning will be issued by the administrator. A second offense will incur a 24 hour suspension from the server. Further offences after that will result in increasingly long suspensions from the server, with no upper limit.

In exceptional circumstances, the formal warning may be skipped in favour of immediate suspension.

Ultimately, all punishments are at the admin's discretion, but should take the above guidelines into account.


If you wish to appeal your punishment, raise the subject in #minecraft on TTAS Slack. If all players and the admin agree, a suspension may be ended early.