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Ninetailed Wiki

Welcome to the Ninetailed Wiki. This is an informal project meant to support whatever the Transexistential Tail Appreciation Society is up to. Currently active projects:

  • The domain

Inactive projects:

Editing is restricted to logged-in users. If you have a account (e.g. for the XMPP server) it will work here. Account creation is by request only: contact Terrana for more details. Domain

This domain belongs to and is managed by Terrana. It has no single, unifying purpose, but is rather a collection of services which have proven useful, interesting, or just fun to attempt.

At present, the domain is running the following services:

Everything here may be considered a work in progress. Possible future projects include an OpenVPN server, email, git repo hosting, or any number of other things. Help is appreciated and suggestions are welcome.